Being Visual | Visual Thinking Workshop @Designit - Tokyo

Sat, 15 Dec 2018 09:00 - Sun, 16 Dec 2018 18:00 JST

Designit Tokyo

Japan, 〒103-0016 Tokyo, Chūō, 日本橋小網町11-8 ザ・パークレックス小網町ビル F7 & F8


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VISUAL THINKING is a fundamental part of Design Thinking and other innovation processes such as Google Design Sprints and Lean Startup. It enables better communication between team members, boosts presentations and helps on presenting ideas.

This full-day workshop is an introduction to the fundaments of using visuals for better (and quicker) communication. It will focus on three central axes: Visualising Abstract Concepts, Process Visualisation, and Visual Storytelling.

「ヴィジュアルシンキング・ストーリーテリング(Visual Thinking)」は、デザインシンキングやグーグルの「デザインスプリント」、「リーンスタートアップ」といったイノベーション手法の基礎をなすものです。




What will you learn? 学べること

Part 1 - VISUALISING ABSTRACT CONCEPTS | パート1- 抽象的なコンセプトの視覚化


The complexity of the current jobs and tasks is overwhelming. It can be seen in all the vocabulary we had added in the last years to describe tasks, areas, and activities. From tangible elements of projects like "pipeline," "backlog" and "deadline," to more complicated and fuzzy like "innovation," "disruption" and "impact," we are more and more dependent on visual analogies and metaphors to make our point understood amongst our peers. In this block, we will learn the basics to create visual analogies that can support teamwork and empower your presentations.




PART 2 - PROCESS VISUALISATION | パート2 - プロセスの視覚化


Especially in management and leadership work you are consistently presenting and reshaping
how people will organise themselves and their goals. It is usually hard to communicate and agree on steps and achievements within your team.

The main challenges are: find a consensus on how to operate; make clear what the headlines actually mean.
In this block, we will provide a framework to easily define processes with your team and create a structure with elements that people can understand and follow.


PART 3 - VISUAL STORYTELLING | パート3- ヴィジュアルストーリーテリング


Selling, teaching, and reporting - all of these presentations styles demand a different way of
communicating. Visuals and Storytelling can be a handful to empower your message and facilitate the understanding of the content you are trying to convey.
Finding the perfect metaphor and story are the main challenges when creating a new presentation.
In this block, we will learn some frameworks for different kinds of presentations and how to find the best metaphors for your audience.



What you will get | ワークショップで得られるもの -


Learn how to encode complex messages into simple visuals
Acquire new tools and methods to craft your next presentation
Create a common vocabulary for team meetings
Develop facilitation skills to mediate intercultural teamwork
Gain an understanding of how data and information can be visualized
Train Illustration skills oriented to your daily professional needs



More than 500 people have experienced our workshop



"We had the pleasure of a one-day visualization workshop with Mauro for our entire team. Mauro has a unique and very personal style of moderating workshops which just amazing. We all learned a lot and it was huge fun at the same time. We also see the effects that we sketch more in our work throughout the team after the course. Absolutely recommended! :)"

Marc Stickdorn, Co-founder & CEO at More than Metrics and Author of This is Service Design Doing

WHO IS IT FOR | ワークショップの対象者

  • Are you pitching projects and ideas?
  • Do you need to visualize data more clearly?
  • Are you working in multidisciplinary teams and need to communicate complex information?
  • Are you leading or part of the innovation team within your company?
  • Are you always working on presentations for your company, agency, business model, Ph.D. or
  • classes?
  • Do you want to find out how to visually express the process, methods, and results?
  • Do you need to create more engaging visual metaphors for frameworks and theories?
  • プロジェクトやアイデアをピッチする機会がある人
  • データをもっと明確に可視化しなくてはいけない人
  • 分野横断的なチームで働いていて、複雑な情報のやりとりをしなくてはいけない人
  • イノベーションチームを率いている、あるいは参加している人
  • 会社やビジネスモデル、PhDや授業のプレゼンテーションを準備することが多い人
  • プロセスやメソッド、結果を視覚的に表現する方法を知りたい人
  • フレームワークや理論のために、魅力のある視覚的比喩をつくりたいと思っている人

THIS WORKSHOP IS FOR ANYONE | あらゆる人のためのワークショップ

  • Innovators (to be);
  • Trainers aiming to craft better didactic materials;
  • Entrepreneurs looking for ways to explain their new startup.
  • Coworkers that continuously work on any kind of presentations;
  • Ph.D. candidates looking for ways to visualize and present their research findings and theories;
  • Team leaders and members who need to facilitate processes and organize multidisciplinary and
  • multicultural teams;
  • (未来の)イノベーター
  • よいよい教材をつくりたいトレーナー
  • 自分のスタートアップをうまく説明する方法を探している起業家
  • 常にさまざまなプレゼンテーションに取り組んでいる会社員
  • 研究結果や理論を視覚化したり発表したりする方法を探している博士課程の学生
  • 分野横断的かつ多文化的なチームのファシリテーションや運営を担っているチームリーダーやメンバー。

There are no special/professional graphic design/drawing skills required

The workshop will be held in English.

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